How to put a slideshow inside the article?

If you want to create a slideshow inside a specific article please:

  1. Prepare images with the same dimensions
  2. Create inside the images directory a catalog for your images i.e. images/review1
  3. Upload your images to this newly created directory

When the images are ready, please add in your article the following text:

img1.jpg=Lorem ipsum
img2.jpg=Lorem ipsum dolor
img3.jpg=Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Between the {​​​SLIDESHOW} and {/​SLIDESHOW} tags you put options and image filenames with description.

The directory param is a newly created directory name where all images are located. You can skip this option if you want to use images from different locations. Please remember that the root directory is always the Joomla! images directory.

The interval param is information for the script which interval will be used during auto-animation. You can set it to 0 if you don't want to use automatic animation.

Every slide is defined as a pair filename=description - you should list here all files which you want to display.

If you don't prefer the multiline syntax, you can separate all lines by the semicolon:

{​SLIDESHOW}directory=review1/;interval=5000;img1.jpg=Lorem ipsum;img2.jpg=Lorem ipsum dolor;img3.jpg=Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet{SLIDESHOW}
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