How to put a review rating to an article?

Creating a review is a quite simple proces - you should include all data between the {​REVIEW} and {/REVIEW} tags:

Ease of use=10

Alternatively you can replace multiline syntax with one-line syntax and lines separated by semicolon:

{​​REVIEW}label=Overall;decimal=0;max=10;Design=9;Features=9;Styles=6;Ease of use=10;Price=8{/​REVIEW}

The review rating has three params:

  1. label - label under the overall rating result
  2. decimal - number of decimal digits in the overall result
  3. max - maximum value of the rating, so you can use rates 0-5 and 0-10 and any other you want.

Other lines are creating the partial results of the review which are used to calculate the final rating.

Every partial result is created by pair label=value

So you can create so many partial results as you want - all will be calculated into the final review value automatically.

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